Brand Assets

A little bit about us

Our logo

You can click on the images above to download our logo files.

Our name

a gif explaining the right way to write mobLee

That is how you write our name. The m is lower case and the L is uppercase.

Our colors

Those below are the mobLee brand colours. We ask you to always respect the original colours of our brand when working with it.

Main colors

mobLee’s Magenta

R236 G17 B100


mobLee’s Cyan

R0 G149 B218


Supporting colors

Link color

R0 G134 B197


Attention red

R178 G16 B40


Details pink

R244 G112 B162


Text color

R46 G46 B46


Product colors


R213 G108 B153



R221 G110 B95



R104 G192 B216



R78 G125 B190



Noto Sans is the font we use

Developed by Google, this typeface focus both on on-screen readability and on the harmony of its characters on a great variety of languages and alphabets of the world. Noto Sans is the typeface we choose to express ourselves.

Learn more about Noto Sans →


equipes de marketing e de vendas da mobLee no primeiro semestre de 2017 Download

Marketing and sales teams

time de produto (desenvolvimento) da mobLee em reunião ao ar livre no primeiro semestre de 2017 Download

Product team meeting

imagem da sala usada pela mobLee até meio de 2017 Download

mobLee’s old room

imagem representando o valor 'todos jogam o jogo' da mobLee Download

A package of images representing each one of our values

imagem com André Rodrigues, CEO da mobLee na direta e Glauco Neves, CRO da mobLee na esquerda Download

André Rodrigues, the CEO, on the left and Glauco Neves, the CTO, on the right