Now it’s easier for your exhibitors to capture leads. Drive revenue for your event while delivering even more opportunities for exhibitors and sponsors.

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Say goodbye to the old lead retrieval

Collect give your event's exhibitors the possibility to read attendees credentials, capturing their contact data instantly, generating data and insights in real time. It all on the cloud, working from your event app.

Get a new selling point for your next events

Discover all the deal generation potential of your event. You can have access to all the data we provide in easy to understand graphics that can work as a powerful selling point to your next events.

Imagem representando como você pode qualificar facilmente os Leads capturados com o collect
Além da interface no aplicativo, com o Collect você pode acessar relatórios de conversão de leads ainda mais complexos pela interface web

Give your exhibitors more data and more control

Allow each exhibitor the possibility to have a close look on their team performance, checking individual goals and the overall quality of the leads captured on each event day. You can even compare your results with the results of the other exhibitors and get insights from it.

A new stream of revenue

Transform collect in your event's new stream of revenue, either giving more value to your sponsor quota or offering its benefits as an additional item to your exhibitors. Check out the calculator that we've prepared for you and find out right now the ROI you can get! Click here to calculate your ROI

A captura de leads pelo collect pode ser a sua oportunidade perfeita de adicionar mais receita ao seu evento

ROI Calculator

Find out how much extra revenue Collect can help your event get

$ 700,00

We charge $500.00 per license, the difference is going to be your revenue

Your potential profit:

$ 3000,00
Our experience with mobLee was excellent, the app allowed us to collect more contacts than we even thought we would and qualify those contacts was really practical.
Natália Fresneda

Natália Fresneda


The app gave our team more agility, it gave us all the lead information right way so we didn't need any spreadsheet or external form.
Gabriela da Silva

Gabriela da Silva

HostGator Brazil

They’re incredible when bundled together

We offer different solutions for each stage of your event!

Pre-event Event Post-event
Pre-event Event Post-event
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